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Jagongan Wagen edisi September 2017

PSBK Event              

Jagongan Wagen edisi September 2017

Bulan ini, Padepokan Seni Bagong Kussudiardja (PSBK) mewujudkan kolaborasi kreatif melalui Jagongan Wagen Edisi September 2017 yaitu Sampai Hari Ini. Pertunjukan ini  melibatkan tujuh seniman dengan latar belakang seni yang berbeda (seni visual, teater dan tari), peraih beasiswa Seniman Pasca-terampil PSBK tahun 2017 untuk berkolaborasi, menyelidiki, dan menafsirkan kemampuan artistik mereka. Proyek ini merupakan kolaborasi interdisipliner ketiga di tahun 2017 dan merupakan Presentasi Pertunjukan terakhir bagi mereka. Sumber inspirasi diambil dari bagian pertama Kitab Omong Kosong (Persembahan Kuda) karya Seno Gumira Ajidarma.
Dikisahkan tentang perjalanan cinta yang melahirkan rasa sakit karena tumbuh di atas pondasi kepercayaan yang rapuh. Bisikan-bisikan jahat bertebaran menceraikan manusia dengan akal sehatnya. Peristiwa dan dinamika tokoh-tokohnya yang beragam, membuka tafsir dan imajinasi baru dalam pikiran seniman.
Seniman yang mewujudkan gagasannya dalam Jagongan Wagen Edisi September 2017 adalah:
  1. Ahmad Abdushomad  (Teater)
  2. Andrik Musfalri (Seni Rupa)
  3. Endang Setyaningsih (Tari)
  4. Galuh Tulus Utama (Teater)
  5. Hangga Uka H N A P  (Tari)
  6. Rafika Dian Anggraini (Seni Rupa)
  7. Muhamad Syachran Musafa (Tata Cahaya)
For the September edition of Jagongan Wagen performance platform, Padepokan Seni Bagong Kussudiardja (PSBK) is pleased to present Sampai Hari Ini (Till This Day).  This performance project involves seven artists from different disciplines (visual arts, theatre and dance) to collaborate, investigate, and interpret their artistic capacities. This project represents the third and last interdisciplinary collaboration for these artists currently participating in PSBK's residency program.
The work is inspired by the first section of Kitab Omong Kosong (Persembahan Kuda), a book written by Seno Gumira Ajidarma.  The writer offers a critical perspective to interpret the values of truth itself through the tale of Rama and Shinta's relationship that is tormented by distrust. Each artist brings forth an artistic interpretation of the incidents and character's feelings into this collaborative performance.
The artists in this edition Jagongan Wagen are:
  1. Ahmad Abdushomad  (Theatre)
  2. Andrik Musfalri (Visual Arts)
  3. Endang Setyaningsih (Dance)
  4. Galuh Tulus Utama (Theatre)
  5. Hangga Uka H N A P  (Dance)
  6. Rafika Dian Anggraini (Visual Arts)
  7. Muhamad Syachran Musafa (Lighting Design)
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To quote Salim Said, author of "Reflections on the Silver Screen" (1978): we have issues when it come to actors. This month, Kinosaurus would like to take you on a journey to understand the world of actors of Indonesia today. Are the issues faced 39 years ago still being faced today? 

First, the issue of quantity; we don't have enough actors. A notion also seconded by big names in the industry: Sofia WD, Turino Djunaidy, dan Asrul Sani, concerning the dispute  between actor Farouk Afero with director Lilik Sudjio in the film "Onny the Blind Virgin" as well as actors Soekarno M. Noor and Dicky Zulkarnaen with the producers of the film "Malin Kundang", both due to the actors being forced to work on more than one film *at once* due to their busy schedules.

Soekarno M Noor (left) in Pagar Kawat Berduri (1961). Source/

The second issue is the quality of the actors. The common perception is that directors and producers only rely on the good looks of the actors instead of their acting chops. Not enough work was being done by actors to truly embody the characters they are supposed to become. 

In this month's program, we hope to provide insight and knowledge about the Indonesian actors of today. In one of them, we trace back the career progress of one of Indonesia's top Leading Men, Reza Rahadian, who has starred in countless films and has sort of become the public's benchmark of what a good Indonesian actor should be. 

In the second program, we would like to to invite you to remember some great Indonesian actors through their memorable roles and engage you in a discussion on the search for Indonesian acting talents. What should be the benchmarks of quality when it comes to an actor's performance in a film and what are the problems facing actors these days? What is the process of finding and casting acting talents as well as the process of character development they have to go through for their films? 

See you at Kinosaurus! 

Download Kinosaurus SEPTEMBER 2017 Program


This month's discussion forum at Kinosaurus will take you inside the inner workings of the profession. It's easy to talk about the profession of acting in Indonesia simply by face value, but most of us don't really know the inner workings of the profession, or the many issues that come up for actors, as well as the filmmakers who rely on them to tell their stories.


After a decade since his big screen debut, actor Reza Rahadian has starred in 39 films and won the nation's highest acting awards on multiple occasions. He's established himself as a benchmark of quality and commitment through the variety of roles he has taken and the convincing manner he has delivered his performance.  

He's become the go-to leading man for many film producers and company, so much so that social media discussions of a newly released film is often cluttered with the phrase "Reza? Again?"

But the awards and box office returns seem to support the fact that he is an actor of undeniable talent and charisma. This month, Kinosaurus would like to take you on a cinematic journey to get to know the man, the actor and his process as well as how he deals with the ups and downs of an acting career in Indonesia.


The repression of Soeharto's New Order regime bred a period of
wonderfully bizarre genre films that mixed martial arts, magic and local myths
into a uniquely Indonesian package.

In anticipation of Joko Anwar's brand new reboot of Pengabdi Setan, Vice Indonesia presents a screening event and discussion of films that revive the spirit of the era, alongside the launch of its special new documentary on the subject.
Film Restorations & Archiving by 13 Entertainment & FLIK
Curated by Vice Indonesia
Free of charge / Limited seats
First come, first serve.
Registration open 1 hour before screening starts.
Download Kinosaurus SEPTEMBER 2017 Program
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weekend di Museum Wayang minggu 17 september

Mariiii weekend di Museum Wayang minggu 17 september bersama Anak Cucu Cicit dan anak tetangganya.... Untuk mengenalkan anak anak pada seni WAYANG KANCIL.

Lestari Wayang Indonesia

Friday, September 15, 2017

OPERET AKU ANAK RUSUN "Ada Gulali di Hatiku" Kamis 21 September 2017 Ciputra Artpreneur Theatre

Artsip Jakarta & Komunitas Paduan Suara "Aku Anak Rusun" mempersembahkan

OPERET AKU ANAK RUSUN "Ada Gulali di Hatiku"

Sebuah drama musikal
dari Anak Rusun, untuk Anak Rusun

Cerita tentang persahabatan 10 anak dari beragam suku yang tinggal di rumah susun dan berusaha untuk mencapai cita-cita dan mimpi mereka.

Manisnya gulali pemberian seorang kakek tua kesayangan mereka anggap sebagai sumber keberuntungan mereka.
Lalu, apa jadinya kalau manisnya gulali ini hilang bersama dengan si Kakek?

Yuk kita sama-sama cari tahu, di

"Ada Gulali di Hatiku"

Kamis 21 September 2017
Ciputra Artpreneur Theatre
Pintu dibuka 16.30 WIB
dengan bintang tamu

Platinum Rp. 750,000
Emas Rp. 500,000
Perak Rp. 350,000

Denah tempat duduk:

Tiket bisa didapatkan di: 0819-2000-919 atau KIOSTIX.COM

Acara ini didukung oleh Ciputra Artpreneur, Paduan Suara Gloriamus, Soundkestra, Yayasan United In Diversity, Martha Tilaar, dan Media Group.

*in suspense*, a group exhibition curated by Grace Samboh, with works by Agus Suwage, Fajar Abadi, FX Harsono, Julian Abraham "Togar", Syagini Ratna Wulan and Bandu Darmawan

Opening reception at 3pm 

*in suspense*, a group exhibition curated by Grace Samboh, with works by Agus Suwage, Fajar Abadi, FX Harsono, Julian Abraham "Togar", Syagini Ratna Wulan and Bandu Darmawan.

In literature, “suspense” is both a genre and also a state of mind generated within the reader. There are a variety of ways to do this; through the withholding of information or in utilization of the objective viewpoint of a story (e.g. only saying what a character does and say, not think and feel). Suspense novels require both a loyal audience and good authors, to construct time to experience, as well as to build up curiosity.

This exhibition is built around similar premises. It (literally) requires a certain amount of time, with uncertainty, spent with the works. The works require an audience in order to become complete. They are not made for an audience; rather they are made with the audience. The aesthetic of involving people within artworks is nothing new. One of the aims of this exhibition is to build a certain foundation for artistic practices that require the involvement of others in the making of their work— this does not necessarily entail oversimplified designations as either participatory or collaborative.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

NOTHING PERFECT NOISE a solo exhibition of Soni Irawan Monday, 18 September 2017

Please come to the opening of

a solo exhibition of Soni Irawan

Monday, 18 September 2017
6.30pm - finish
D Gallerie
Jalan Barito I No.3
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta 12130

Hosted by:
Indita Probosutedjo
Wilsen Willim

Exhibition ends 30 October 1017
Monday - Sunday 10am - 6pm

Monday, September 11, 2017

‘Life Force’ Lie Fhung


‘Life Force’ is a solo exhibition of recent works by the multi-discplinary artist Lie Fhung. Born and raised in Jakarta, and now based in Hong Kong, the artist creates subtly powerful sculptural works and installations whose primary elements are the highly contrasting materials of fragile porcelain and durable metal, underscoring the artist's investigation into the paradoxical forces of life.

For the artist,  ‘Life Force’ is ultimately ‘about the precarious balancing act that we call life: about the interplay between fragility and tenacity, between life force and death wish, and the understanding that these are all part of the same cycle of life, endlessly moving between one another.’

Opening Exhibition :

Thursday, September 14 at 7:30 pm
dia.lo.gue. jl kemang selatan 99a, jakarta 12730

Exhibition ends in
October 8, 2017

Gallery hour :
10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Pameran "Performing Craft"

Galeri Lorong mengundang Anda sekalian pada pembukaan pameran:


Seniman :
Bakudapan Food Studies
Restu Ratnaningtyas
Ridwan Luffi

Minggu, 10 September 2017
19:00 WIB

Galeri Lorong
Jl. Nitiprayan –Dusun Jeblok RT. 01, Dukuh 3, Tirtonirmolo, Kasihan, Bantul

Pada proyek kali ini, Galeri Lorong berupaya membaca craft sebagai gramatika tubuh atau melihat dimensi performativitas dan interaktivitasnya. Performance bisa dibilang menjadi salah satu cara untuk mengangkat craft dari sekadar benda fungsional menjadi sesuatu yang bisa dibicarakan secara luas. Melalui proyek ini, Galeri Lorong bermaksud untuk melihat dimensi yang lebih dari sekadar 'praktik' kerja craft. Kita mau mensimulasikan bagaimana ia diterjemahkan dan direspons, entah melalui bantuan medium lain di luar medium tradisional craft atau membuatnya hidup dengan menggali potensi interaktivitasnya. Sederhananya, ada produk dan ada respons atas produk itu.

Pameran berlangsung:
10 September – 10 Oktober 2017

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